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About AnyKey

Anykey Configurator for Windows 7,8,10

Installation howto

Just open the installer and let it install on your C: drive. Next up start the AnyKey application that is added to your start menu. Then enter your activation code and you're ready to save new passwords.

The only culprit for windows is with early adopters: you need to update the firmware on the key to the latest version. The automatic update tool is not implemented yet but you can contact us to get it updated if you're in a hurry. The initial firmware works perfectly on OS X and Linux but due to security policies we needed to adjust the firmware to work with windows 8, 10 (basically the keyboard hid drivers do not allow 2 way communication but we have implemented a fix with a firmware that opens a second usb serial port to make windows happy again).

Any items sold after 6/11/2018 will have latest firmware pre-flashed so that it will work with windows, mac and linux out of the box.